“Toast Records” un libro in inglese dedicato alla veterana label italiana.

E’ intitolato semplicemente”Toast Records”, l’interessante e utile libro in inglese che racconta le vicende della nostra Toast Records. Fonti tratte da Wikipedia e dalla rete. A cura di Lambert M. Surhone & Miriam T. Timpledon. Consigliato. Dalle note:”Toast Records is an independent record label based in Turin, Italy.Toast Records is a recording company founded in 1985 by producer Giulio Tedeschi and operated by Italian Rock. It all started in 1979 in a very underground style. The city of Turin saw and witnessed the birth of Meccano Records. The initial idea was to promote the Righeira project. In spring 1985, out of Meccano Records, sprang Toast sas soon to become Toast Records a project that would make history in the Italian independent musical scene. First title to be produced (summer 1985): Trasparenze e suoni” by No Strange”. Distribuito da Amazon: https://www.amazon.it/Toast-Records-Record-Strange-Industry/dp/6131126577