Neeli Cherkosvski “Hang on to the Yangtze River” (Lithic Press, 2020)


Neeli Cherkosvski born in Santa Monica, California (1945). Poetry critic Gerald Nicosia said of Cherkovski: “…in the end, what stamps Cherkovski’s poetry as unique is its unbounded lyricism, a lyrical gift easily greater than that of any other poet of his generation.” Who has resided since 1975 in San Francisco.

Neeli Cherkosvski “Hang on to the Yangtze River” (Lithic Press, USA, 2020)
I love Neeli Cherkovski’s poem because reading it is like traveling (at the end of a snow storm, “in the end of a snow storm”). Don’t expect special effects, but a “long” look towards the paths of time. Neeli writes, writes, writes. He spies on nature through his garden, reveals himself to us readers and browses through history, in balance between yesterday, today and tomorrow. In that borderless territory he easily meets Buddha, Ungaretti, Dostoevskij, Dante, God, Bach and many others, touching them through his words, which cross over for a moment before exploding. “Forever the sky is black” reminds us. But the infinite darkness is illuminated by poetry.

Giulio Tedeschi, Turin, 18 October 2020.