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Cronaca telegrafica del reading radiofonico dedicato a “100mila Poeti per il Cambiamento” organizzato da Camion Press presso Radio Reporter Torino, mercoledì 29 settembre. In regia: Luigi Antinucci (Radio Reporter Torino). Hanno letto: il pacato Bruno Rullo (Slam Italia) e il folletto (musicista & poeta) Luca Onyricon Giglio che colto l’occasione per presentare anche due brani tratti dal suo recente album “Music for Monorail”. Ha selezionato la colonna sonora, introdotto e sollecitato gli ospiti: Giulio Tedeschi. Trasmessi: i Jambalaya, Peppa Marriti Band, Angelica Lubian, Moosek, Mamas Gan, Awa Ly, i Capatosta, i Trenincorsa con Davide Van De Sfroos, Rob Whitehead e Bluesfreaks di Roberto Grimaldi. Chiusura con Mauro Macario pre-registrato che ha letto “Pioggia su Big Sur”, intenso testo edito da Camion Press nell’antologia internazionale “Americans and Others”. Ideazione evento: Toast Records.

100 Thousand Poets for Change (100 TPC) has organized over 5000 poetry, art and music gatherings for the cause of Peace, Justice, and Sustainability across the globe in the last 10 years. Poets from many languages, cultures, geographical regions, ethnicities, creeds, beliefs, and religious affiliations have come together year after year to lead and promote poetry readings, without any preconditions or censorship, where participants speak out for causes nearest their hearts. In the process, oppressions, exploitative practices, biases, and abuses of many kinds have been highlighted (personal and social, communal, political and economic, spiritual, intellectual and emotional)—whether based on gender, race, class, or religious affiliation, color, territory, language and cultural tradition, or any form of differentiation whatsoever. These are real troubles that wrack our world; there are distinct and often mortal consequences to these regimes of tyranny and persecution; and there is a collective interest in striving toward the demanding ideal that 100 TPC has set for itself in calling for Peace, Justice, Sustainability.